The promotion of new R&D projects, allows
us to continually improve.


* We seek to find solutions for inefficiencies in the entire chain associated with the sector.

* We intend to create an agricultural production with a low nitrogen footprint.


Increased transformation of atmospheric
nitrogen threatens the environment around us every day.

Nitrogen is an indispensable element for life.
It constitutes 78% of the atmosphere as non-reactive gas N2, and in reactive compounds (Nr), which can be absorbed by plants. N is a limiting factor for agricultural production if not available in the soil in sufficient quantity.


Low nitrogen
footprint agricultural production

Development of two agricultural products:
* Processing tomato,
* Grapes for wines.

Development of new agricultural production processes with lower environmental impact.


New stories and trends from the NEP project.

News about the crop production with high nitrogen efficiency
for better water management.

  • Production of crops with high nitrogen efficiency for better water management. The NEP operational group has partners from the scientific system, industry, agricultural production and producer organizations, who work together towards a common goal: innovation in the agricultural sector!

  • “The story of Nitrogen, Good in Small and Bad in Large”. The book explains to the youngest (and not only) the mysteries of nitrogen. The publication is part of the NitroPortugal project that mapped areas of mainland Portugal, with higher nitrogen pollution

  • Good agricultural practices to reduce ammonia emissions. Following the success of policies to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOX), a guide of good practice for ammonia (NH3) emissions was developed. The Portuguese version of the guide of good