Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The website www.nitroportugal.pt  wants to guarantee the protection of privacy, on its website, of any user who accesses its page. Thus, we fulfill the duties resulting from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The website www.nitroportugal.pt was created to publicize the European public reflection project H2020 NitroPortugal and to communicate the project NNEP -high nitrogen efficient crop production for better water management for better water management, hoping to continue to publicize more projects in the future. The contents of the website are the responsibility of the NitroPortugal team that ensures the maintenance, supply and updating of all content.

All data provided to the www.nitroportugal.pt website is confidential. . The collection and treatment of this data will be carried out through a secure server and without risk of loss or manipulation. When you register on the website www.nitroportugal.pt the information you choose to fill out on the website forms will be collected.

The website www.nitroportugal.pt gathers information so that we can process your requests, as well as use these comments to develop and improve communication. The NitroPortugal team is available, under all circumstances, to allow registered users of the website the right to access, revalidate or cancel the information provided, as well as to exclude themselves from sending institutional or promotional information.

The NitroPortugal team guarantees that it will not distribute any information, from its database, to external entities. Access to data is restricted and will only be used as a means of communication with users.

The aggregated information, and the statistics of the website www.nitroportugal.pt, do not include details that can be used to identify users.



Cookie policy

Cookies are used on this site. A cookie is a small text file that identifies your computer on the www.nitroportugal.pt website server.

Cookies,do not identify individual users per se, only the computer used and therefore are not used to collect personal information. But if you accept cookies,they can remain on your computer for many years, unless you delete them.

Any user has the possibility, at any time, to configure their computer to accept all cookies, to notify themselves when a cookie is issued or to not receive any cookies.How you do this depends on the browser (web browser) you use.

Internet browsers also allow you to exercise some control over cookies, through your browser settings. Most browsers allow you to block cookies or block cookies from specific websites. Browsers can also help to delete cookieswhen you close your browser.

To find out more about cookies access to www.allaboutcookies.org.